By Harold R. Raymond

One hundred and one drills, prepared by means of place, for constructing the talents and methods necessary to the Wing-T offense. Thorough motives, diagrams and training tips accompany each one drill. Covers quarterback, working again, offensive line, and finish drills, in addition to agility and pace drills.

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The quarterback assumes his pre-snap position with a ball in each hand and calls out the play to be run. He calls cadence and takes his post-snap steps, then hands one ball off to the first running back. After this handoff, the quarterback can either hand the second ball off to the second running back or fake a second handoff and throw to one of the ends running a pass route. The drill continues for a prescribed number of plays. The coach should emphasize proper mechanics and technique in the handoff, fake, and pass.

The second hand-shield simulates a linebacker and the third hand-shield simulates a free safety attempting to fill the alley. The coach may alter the drill by having the second shield holder attack the alley from a free safety position to simulate the free safety. In this case, the blocker must get his head across the front of the shield-holder. The coach should encourage the blocker to sprint full speed to the alley. Page 90 Drill #77: Off the Ball Drill Objective: To practice the punch and lift of the area block.

Description: The ends should be divided into pairs. One player jogs in place with his back to his partner and his head turned to one side. The partner throws high, medium, and low passes to the side to which the receiver's head is turned. After a designated number of passes, the receiver turns his head to the other side and the drill is repeated. The players then switch places and the drill continues. Players should keep their eyes on the ball until it is securely in their hands. Page 67 Drill #55: Over Shoulder Behind Objective: To improve players'catching abilities.

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