By George Matthew Karl

A whole selection of the main an important offensive basketball drills. Covers conditioning, ball-handling, screening, passing, taking pictures, fast-break, lay-up, put up play, offensive rebounding and out-of-bound drills. each one drill is defined intimately and diagrammed. training guidelines are incorporated for max effects.

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Four players, each with a basketball, participate in the drill at a timeone starting at each of the four cones. On a command from the coach, the players dribble clockwise around the outside of the cones using a left-hand dribble. Each player tries to catch the player ahead. After a predetermined number of trips around the cones, the coach has the players change direction and move counter-clockwise around the cones using a right-hand dribble. Coaching Point: The importance of being able to control the ball and adhere to proper dribbling fundamentals while moving quickly should be emphasized.

X3 the passes the ball to X1, goes away from the pass to set a screen for X2, and then comes back to replace himself. X2 initially fakes coming to the top of the key and then cuts to the basket. X1 either shoots a jump-shot or passes the ball to X2, who shoots a lay-up. Coaching Point: Offensive players should learn how to properly fake setting a screen. Page 29 Drill #18: Three Player Screen Away Drill Objective: To develop the footwork, passing, and screening skills necessary to execute the pass and screen away play.

To begin the drill, PF inbounds the ball to C, who passes to the ballhandler, PG. PG then speed dribbles upcourt with the other players filling the lanes as shown. As PG approaches the foul line, the wings cut sharply to the basket and PG feeds any of the four trailers for a lay-up or pull up jump-shot. The drill can continue for a set period of time or until a prescribed number of baskets has been made. The emphasis should be on players hustling to their respective spots on the floor after each basket.

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