By Howard; Katz, Ron Boyet

Nice publication approximately interfacing the genuine global to Intel's blockbuster (for its time) Microcontroller and Microprocessor with peripheral capabilities correct at the chip. large publication for classic chip hackers!

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B. There are five certain top tricks, seven if the clubs break 3-3. The extra tricks you need can easily be established from the diamond suit. What is the best play at Trick 1? If you run the heart lead to the queen, East may win with the king and put the contract at risk by switching to spades. The ♥2 opening lead suggests that hearts are breaking 4-4. So, win the first trick with the ace of hearts and clear the diamonds. The defenders will make the ace of diamonds and three hearts, leaving you to score the remaining tricks.

Neither Vul. ♠ 8 3 Dealer East ♥ K 8 4 ♦ K Q 10 6 ♣ Q 9 5 2 ♠ J 10 7 6 2 ♠ A Q 5 ♥ J 7 5 ♥ Q 10 6 2 ♦ 9 5 4 2 ♦ A 7 ♣ 7 ♣ J 8 6 4 ♣ K 9 4 ♥A 9 3 ♦ J 8 3 ♣ A K 10 3 WEST NORTH EAST SOUTH 1♣ 1NT pass 3NT all pass West leads the ♠6 and East makes the bright play of the queen. Do you see the purpose of this? If instead he plays the ace, followed by the queen, South will hold up the king until the third round. When East subsequently gains the lead with the ace of diamonds, he will have no spade to play.

Unfortunately for him, West held ace third and was able to hold up the ace for two rounds. West knew, from his partner’s card at Trick 1, that South held the ♠J. He therefore switched to the ♦9. There was no entry to the established clubs and the contract could no longer be made. As you see, declarer should have won the opening spade lead with dummy’s ace. He could then have cleared the club suit, knowing that his ♠QJ would provide a later entry to the South hand. On the next deal, running the lead to the South hand will provide an extra trick.

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