By Laura Baumbach

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Well. " Bram sighed. Thinking Bram's hesitation as a sign he might be reluctant to admit he was a blue-collar worker after James had admitted at the apartment to being an architect, James hastened to let the big man know it didn't bother him. " He popped another shrimp in his mouth, enjoying the way Bram's eyes immediately darted to look at his mouth while he chewed. " James delicately licked a tiny spot of cocktail sauce off one fingertip. He felt a thrill race down his spine when Bram swallowed hard and licked his own dry lips.

James let the warm, coarse palms act as his guide in gauging his new lover's needs. A Bit of Rough - 31 Dipping his head lower, James nudged Bram's thighs with his chin. The other man slid farther down the cushion and opened his legs wider. James took part of the sac into his mouth, sucking and licking the tightly wrinkled pouch until Bram's ragged panting had turned into one continuous, deep moan. Releasing the sac, he licked under it, scouring the sensitive strip of ridged flesh leading to Bram's back entrance with his tongue.

He patted Bram's arm, tucked an unopened bottle of red wine under it and walked off, humming a love song James recognized from a popular Italian opera. Picking up the loaded bag, Bram waited for James. James inched out of the booth then awkwardly gained his feet, trying to unobtrusively rearrange himself in his pants. A sudden, painful pinch to one butt cheek made him jump, muttering a string of oaths under his breath. " Shocked, James rubbed at his abused ass, trying to soothe away the deep ache.

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