By Richard Slade Harrell, Thomas Fox, Mohammed Abu-Talib, Ahmed ben Thami, Allal Chreibi, Habiba Kanouni, Ernest Ligon, Mohammed Mekaoui

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Once the suffix and prefixes are removed we have the root rbd, meaning "speak," remaining. " 53 Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew Identification of the prefixes and suffixes of a verb will assist you in translating each word correctly. This will also allow you to uncover the root of the word, which can then be looked up in the root dictionary below. Prefixes - The article, conjunction and prepositions Some of the most common words found in the Bible are actually written as prefixes, such as b (in), w (and), h (the) and l (to).

Veh-hah-ah-rets hie-tah towhuw vah-vow-huw veh-chow-shekh ahl peh-ney teh-howm veh-ruw-ahch eh-low-heem meh-rah-cheh-pheht ahl pehney hah-mah-yeem 3. vie-yow-mehr eh-low-heem yeh-hee owr vie-hee owr 4. vie-yahr eh-low-heem eht hah-owr kee towv vie-yahv-deyl eh-low-heem beyn hah-owr uw-veyn hah-chow-shehkh 5. vie-yeeq-rah eh-low-heem lah-owr yowm veh-lah-chow-shehkh qah-rah lie-lah vie-hee ehrehv vie-hee vow-qehr yowm eh-chahd 6. vie-yow-mehr eh-low-heem yeh-hee rah-qee-ah beh-towkh hah-mahyeem vee-hee mahv-deel beyn mah-yeem lah-mah-yeem 7.

D;T ~yih{l/a r,ma{Y;w Anyiml. dKi -l'kb. bW h'mhe B. b; W ~Iy;m'V;h #,ra' h' -l;[ fem{r'h f,m,r'h 38 Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew Lesson Transliterations Lesson 1 P1: bah ah vah bah ah ah bah ah ah vah P2: vah bah ahv bah ahv bah V1: ahv V2: bah S1: ahv bah Lesson 2 P1: vee bey vey bee ey ee mee mey mah mah P2: ey ee vee bee mee eym eem V1: eym V2: mee S1: mee bah S2: ah-vee bah Lesson 3 P1: hah hah hee hey nah nee ney ney beyn bah hahv P2: hahn heyn nah nee ney nahv mah meen nah P3: hee hee nee nee ney hey heen nah-vah bah-nah V1: ey V2: ah-nee V3: hee V4: beyn V5: bah-ah V6: nah-vee V7: mah S1: mee hee S2: bey-nee bah S3: ah-nee ahv S4: ey ah-vee S5: mah nah-vee 39 Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew S6: hah-nah-vee bah Lesson 4 P1: ley lah leh lee lah veh vah vee lie lee lie vie vey P2: vehv vahv leyl vehl veyl vahl ley heyl lah hahl P3: vah-veem lee-bah lah-yeel leyv-mah mah-ley V1: lie-lah V2: eyl V3: mah-yeem V4: ah-meyn V5: hee-ney V6: yahm S1: lie-lah bah S2: mah-yeem bah-yahm S3: bey-nee bah lee S4: eym bah-ah bah-lie-lah S5: ah-vee veh-ey-mee hee-ney Lesson 5 P1: sheh shah sey rey ree rie shey sehy row show sow P2: sheysh sahr sheer showr seer rahsh rowsh P3: bahr neyr yahr rahv meesh sahv seem heysh shehl V1: shah-lowm V2: shah-mah-yeem V3: ah-mahr V4: bah-rah V5: sheym V6: ahm-rah V7: sahr V8: yowm V9: owr V10: rah-bee S1: sahr shah-lowm S2: yowm veh-lie-lah 40 Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew S3: S4: S5: S6: S7: sh'mee ley-vee mah sh'mow sh'mow ahv-rah-hahm bah-rah eyl shah-mah-yeem ah-mahr rah-bee lee shah-lowm Lesson 6 P1: eh teh ey tee ee eht tuw teh eh eht teh P2: how huw ow uw bow buw low luw ruw own uwn P3: reht seht beh veht shuwl tuwv tuw uwt V1: towv V2: eh-rehv V3: ahl V4: yees-rah-eyl V5: huw V6: hee V7: show-meyr S1: eh-rehv towv S2: mah sh'muw S3: sh'muw yees-rah-eyl S4: shah-lowm ahl yees-rah-eyl S5: mee bah eh-rehv S6: huw bah bah-eh-rehv S7: hee bah-ah bah-eh-rehv Lesson 7 P1: deh dah deh dey dee dah dow dow teh teh tey tee tah P2: daht deht dowt dowt towd tehd deht deyt dahd P3: towd veyt vaht dahv ehl mowt tahn meed V1: eh-low-heem V2: mow-sheh V3: rey-sheet V4: eht V5: tahl-meed 41 Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew V6: tahl-mee-dah V7: low-meyd V8: low-meh-deht V9: tow-rah V10: shah-baht V11: nah-tahn S1: shah-baht shah-lowm S2: veh-shahm-ruw eht hah-shah-baht S3: beh-rey-sheet bah-rah eh-low-heem S4: tahl-mee-dah low-meh-deht tow-rah S5: nah-tahn mow-sheh lah-nuw eht hah-tow-rah S6: tahl-meed low-meyd eht hah-tow-rah Lesson 8 P1: tsey tsah tsah tsow tsah tseh qee qow qah qah qeh qah P2: ehts owts qeyts tsahq tseeq qeets qowts rahq rehts P3: tsey qee tsey tseh tsow qah qah qow howts V1: hah-yah V2: eh-rehts S1: vie-yow-mehr eh-low-heem yeh-hee meh-ow-rowt beer-qee-ah hah-shah-mah-yeem beyn hah-yowm uw-veyn hah-lie-lah veh-hie-uw leh-hahv-deel lehowt-owt uwl-mow-ah-deem uwl-yah-meem vehshah-neem Lesson 9 P1: kah khah kee kheh key khuw cheh chey chee chow P2: chahkh kow-ahch khahch chey-khah cheykh keech P3: row-ahch ruw-ahch rahk ahkh chah-khah ahch V1: keyn V2: eh-sehv V3: eyts V4: now-ahch 42 Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew S1: vie-yeeq-rah eh-low-heem lah-owr yowm veh-lahchow-shehkh qah-rah lie-lah vie-hee eh-rehv vie-hee vow-qehr yowm eh-chahd Lesson 10 P1: pheh pah peh phey pah pow zuw zey zah zee zow P2: zeh zey ahph eyz hehz zeh phahz zehph P3: pow-ahch pahm sahz shahz kahph zeykh quwph V1: ah-shehr V2: ah-sah V3: pah-neem S1: vie-yow-mehr eh-low-heem tahd-shey hah-ah-rehts deh-sheh ey-sehv mahz-ree-ah zeh-rah eyts peh-ree ow-seh peh-ree leh-mee-now ah-shehr zahr-ow vow ahl hah-ah-rehts vie-hee kheyn Lesson 11 P1: sow suw sah sey see geh gah geh gow gee gah gah P2: hehs ahs sey gow ahg geh gow gah P3: sow-ahch mahs seym seyph seyg gahs suwr sowd V1: kowl V2: ah-dahm V3: owph V4: dah-gah S1: vie-yow-mehr eh-low-heem nah-ah-seh ah-dahm beh-tsahl-mey-nuw hah-reh-mehs veh-yeer-duw veed-gaht hah-yowm uwv-owph hah-shah-mah-yeem keed-muw-tey-nuw uwv-khowl hah-ah-rehts uwvkhowl uw-vah-beh-hey-mah hah-row-meys ahl hahah-rehts 43 Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew 44 Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew Part 2 Reading Practice ______________________________________________ Below is the first chapter of the book of Genesis in Hebrew.

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