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A. can lead to phenotypically changed, usually -+ aneuploid individuals and is a result of -+ subsexual recombination in strongly heterozygous but normally true-breeding apomicts. autosome (Montgomery 1904) - any chromosome with the exception of the -+ sex-chromosomes which are referred to as allosomes or heterochromosomes. The genes localized in the autosomes follow the mode of distribution of these chromosomes to the gametes in the course of meiosis; they show autosomal inheritance, those localized in the sex-chromosomes show "sex-linked" inheritance.

Appearing in the form of a ring during meta-anaphase I following chiasma formation in both arms and complete or almost complete -+ chiasma terminalization. : a b. appearing as a rod during meta-anaphase I following chiasma formation and chiasma terminalization in only one arm. 2. Heteromorphic bivalents in which (due to heterozygous -+ chromosome mutations) the two partners of the pair differ structurally and are only partially homologous. : the partners are of unequal size, as a consequence of -+ deletions or various types of -+ translocation.

The different phenotype ratios in the offspring produced by crossing autotetraploid genotypes with complete dominance of the allele A over a and pure "chromosome segregation", respectively pure "chromatid segregation" are summarized in table 4. Table 4. The phenotypic segregation ratios of autotetraploids (complete dominance of A and pure chromosome (I), or chromatid segregation (I I)) type of cross A4XA4 A3a XA3a A 2a 2 x A 2a 2 Aa3XAa3 a 4 xa4 A3a X A 2 a 2 A3ax Aa3 A3 a X a 4 A 2a 2 xAa3 A 2a 2 x a 4 Aa3xa4 phenotypic segregation ratio in the offspring I II all A all A 35A: Ia 3 A : Ia all a all A all A all A IIA:la 5 A : Ia IA:Ia all A 7 83 A : Ia 20,8A:Ia 2,5 A : Ia all a I3oA : Ia 5 I ,3 A : ra 27A:ra 7,7 A : ra 3,7 A : ra 0,87 A: Ia The special features of the segregation of autopolyploids compared with the segregation of diploids may be summarized as follows: 1.

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