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Many of the familiar words of this world are in fact Spanish, including ranch, corral, lasso, lariat, chaps and bronco. Both the word and the concept of the rodeo are Spanish in origin. EUROPEAN SETTLEMENT, 1492-1765 9 In the sixteenth century North America was included in that part of the New World the Pope had designated for Spanish domination. This dispensation was soon challenged by a host of newcomers, the most powerful of whom were the French. In 1535 Jacques Cartier explored the St Lawrence river and began a series of colonizing attempts that ultimately bore fruit in the founding of the 'city' of Quebec (really a trading post) in 1608.

Particularly astonishing to most other Christian societies in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries was the notion of a host of competing denominations, which were also independent of state control or sponsorship. 3 presents a rough idea of the changing numbers of churches and meeting houses claimed by the various denominations in the colonial era. In the mid-seventeenth century worship was clearly dominated by the Congregationalists, chiefly in New England, and the Episcopalians, mainly around the Chesapeake.

The days were long gone when government revolved around the church and the franchise was conditional on membership of a religious body. In royal colonies, in fact, the right to vote had depended on membership of the established church. All colonies now had a governor appointed either by the king or the proprietor, and a legislature complete with two houses on the Westminster model. And as in England, laws passed by such EUROPEAN SETTLEMENT, 1492-1765 29 a body required the signature of the monarch.

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