By Larry Niven

Definitely the right Crime: the discovery of displacement cubicles produced one hell of against the law wave. If a guy in, say, Hawaii might dedicate homicide in, say, Chicago and be again within the time it is going to take him to go to the men's room, he could have an ideal alibi. And the police could have a problem.
But that's just one of the issues present in Larry Niven's universe, during this choice of tales all approximately teleportation, deep area, black holes, synthetic worlds and Louis Wu--our previous pal from the "Known Space" cycle--Niven once more proves he's a grasp builder of amazing worlds!

Stories include:

- Rammer
- The Alibi Machine
- The final Days of the everlasting Floating rebel Club
- one of those Murder
- the entire Bridges Rusting
- there's a Tide
- larger Than Worlds
- $16,940.00
- the outlet Man
- The Fourth career

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