By J. L Benson

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They do the ceremony of Passover, eat special foods and drink kiddu sh. N : 114.. Do YOll know how they place foods on a large dish? Z: 1]5. I don't remember how to place them, but there was matza in the middle of a plate and around it there were "maror", "karpas", eggs and a foreleg of sheep. 116. Usually the word "changa" means a wing of a chicken, but seIori. N: Z: Passover 120. malo ile ~liliq? 121. la xa mindi xilja ile, raba xllja. 122. malo gozlla? gozl-Ia min sisme w-goze. 123. lim'a raba baslrna, xlija ile.

Boiss hedi bedi 'aja-si jROni kud mindi, j:i0ni milp6na ile. 132. xa glajip xaje, nase, sula. N: 133. xaje go mikdas ver sikil ilu min xaje go jeSiva? Z: 134. 'e, 'aja ver mindi ila, 'e ver mindi w-'aja ver mindi ila. 135. 'Is limud jaqura go jesiva, lIama·si glepi raba. 136. bass '0 limud ver sikil ile min linrld did mikdas. liira, kUUe silde I)uklm. 137. lara. ri ch live in the upper part. 5. In Japan N: 112. H ow's been yo ur life since you came to J apan? Z: 113. I came to Japan by ship, it was a long, hard trip.

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