By J. SerVaas Williams

ABRAHAM AND SARAH is an intricately woven novel taken from real biblical and ancient assets, revealing the fullness and richness of religion and love opposed to a tapestry of historic civilizations. Take all that may be gleaned from the vintage narrative of Abraham and Sarah; upload the knowledge of historic and sleek historians; intersplice the wealth of the main up to date archaeological proof; and a guy and a lady of notable talents, fact, and humanness seem.

If Abraham lived in a pagan atmosphere, how did he develop into a guy of serious religion? Who was once Sarah? Is there any logical reason behind her surprising good looks that charmed and enticed kings while she used to be on the age of seventy-five and back whilst she was once 90?

Archaeologist Sir C. Leonard Woolley, saw that "amongst the shadowy characters of historical background, Abraham sticks out as a dwelling character whom we will be able to be aware of and with whom we will be able to sympathize....and now, along this dwelling character, we discover Sarah, probably the main outstanding, but mysterious girl of all time!" ABRAHAM AND SARAH is an epic love tale, an engrossing page-turner for the a while, a needs to learn for everyone of religion.

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Winston, Krishna. II. Title. 914—dc22 2009029526 Designed by Jonathan D. com 1 3 5 7 9 10 8 6 4 2 Chi son’ io tu non saprai. ) —Da Ponte/Mozart Don Juan Don Juan had always been looking for someone to listen to him. Then one fine day he found me. He told me his story, but in the third person rather than in the first. At least that is how I recall it now. At the time in question, I was cooking only for myself, for the time being, in my country inn near the ruins of Port-Royal-des-Champs, which in the seventeenth century was France’s most famous cloister, as well as its most infamous.

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