By Annie Goetzinger, Pierre Christin

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Such a stone also produces the Elixir of Life, which makes its drinkers immortal. Over many centuries, alchemists have tried to change crude materials into fine and flashy products. They have mixed poor ingredients together in the hope of getting rich results. Working in secret laboratories, alchemists would blend gross chemicals like sulphur and mercury to try to produce pure gold. Alchemists were determined to turn raw and vile elements into something better, higher and more powerful. The true power of the Philosopher’s Stone, however, may be much more personal.

Some thoughts help you to be happy and healthy, while other thoughts hurt and weaken you. If people think about really sad things, then they will feel really sad. When people think about scary things, they will feel scared. And thinking really foul and bitter thoughts will certainly make you feel foul and bitter. In contrast, people who think about good things tend to put themselves in a good mood. You see, we do not receive information from our world in a passive way. We are always actively processing information inside our heads.

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