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The rudder is operated by three independent hydraulic servo-controls, with a common mechanical input. This mechanical input receives three commands : - Rudder pedal input limited by the Pedal Travel Limitation Unit (PTLU) ; - Rudder trim actuator electrical input ; - Yaw damper electrical input. The mechanical input is limited by the Travel Limitation Unit (TLU) as a function of airspeed in order to avoid excessive load transmission to the aircraft. This function is achieved by the secondary computers.

7 A340 Flight Controls - EFCS Dispatch objectives The basic objective is to allow aircraft dispatch with a peripheral or computer failure, in order to increase dispatch reliability without impairing flight safety. Systems Dispatch situation 3 IRS 2 yaw rate gyros 3 PRIM 2 SEC Maximum 1 inoperative or “off” 3 ADR Maximum 1 inoperative or “off” 3 IR - 2 Nz accelerometers Maximum 1 inoperative or “off” 2 FCDC Maximum 1 inoperative or “off” 3 PRIM/2 SEC Electro hydraulic and electro actuators Maximum 1 inoperative or “off” Maximum 1 inoperative if it is not connected to 2 computers No-go items are inboard aileron, elevator and yaw damper actuators.

EXTRACT FAN AVNCS ………………. ADIRU1 AOA1 26VAC ……………….. APU TR …………………………………. SWTG FUEL BUS …………………….. AUDIO ACP CAPT …………………….. AIR BLEED VLV ENG2 ……………….. XFEED VLV ENG1 MOT1-2 ………….. 6 4. 2 A340 Hydraulic System General • Three fully independent systems : Green, Blue, Yellow (nominal pressure at 3000 psi). • Normal operation : - Four engine-driven pumps, two of which are for the Green system. - Three electrical pumps that can act automatically as back-up. They are managed by the HSMU (Hydraulic System Monitoring Unit) which ensures all autofunctions (electrical pumps, RAT, monitoring, etc) ; manual override is available on the overhead panel.

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