By R. de Neufville, A. Odoni

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Certainly, the rate of traffic growth is likely to continue its longterm decline. Even so, the likely scenario is that aviation and airport activity will register substantial overall increases. Even lower rates of growth will, when applied to the existing large market, lead to substantial growth. Major developments with unpredictable consequences reduce the possibility of forecasting the long-term future. What, for example, will be the net effect of affordable video conferencing? Will it substitute for business travel by permitting virtual face-to-face contacts?

The integrated cargo carriers FedEx and UPS were among the fastest-growing major airlines in the world between 1995 and 2000, as indicated by growth of their aircraft fleet Table 1-10. The integrated cargo carriers FedEx and UPS dominate their nearest competitors, in terms of freight tonnes carried in the year 2000 The surge in cargo traffic due to electronic commerce creates a strong demand for cargo airports. As of 2000, a number of major airports already owed their eminence to cargo traffic (Table 1-11).

Htm. , and McKelvey, F. X. , McGraw-Hill, New York. , IATA, Montreal, Canada. , Doc 9184-AN/902, ICAO, Montreal, Canada. Kahn, A. E. htm. , and Oster, C. (1984) Deregulation and the New Airline Entrepreneurs, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA. 2 International differences Many aspects of airport planning, design, and management practice differ substantially in the various regions of the world. Sometimes these differences represent relative levels of advance in the adoption of innovative procedures or new technologies.

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