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Bill doesn’t just call people when they are away on vacation. He misses me. ” Jerod rolled his eyes, snapped his fingers and began to float in the air. ” “That’s not fair at all. ” That’s when it hit her. She felt a nervous shake zing though her, but she kept it together. Viola cleared her throat and smiled. ” Jerod looked to the sky and sighed. ” Her hands shook from excited nervousness. ” Jerod shrugged. ” Viola stopped short. com 35 Christine d’Abo his face before he seemed to regain his control.

Far enough that she didn’t need to worry about anyone overhearing their conversation. She wanted, no, needed to practice her flirting, and the last thing she wanted was to get kicked out for improper behavior. ” Maybe her choice in men wasn’t so bad after all. “No, the island didn’t have anything close to Bill’s standards,” he said, his lips twitching against a smile that threatened to erupt. ” “No, not at all,” she said then looked at him and frowned. ” He smiled and flicked his napkin over his lap.

She increased her grip on him, her hand flying up to touch his chest. And then it was over. com All Bottled Up that didn’t fully envelop her mouth. Holy shit he’s good. Or she was weak? At this point, she was past caring. ” he said and looked up as if nothing had happened. Damn him. He didn’t look the least bit bothered from their brief contact. Maybe she was overreacting to the situation? She was hot and horny and any man—or genie for that matter—would get her engines fired up. That had to be it.

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