By Mary Elizabeth Salzmann

Introduces, in short textual content and illustrations, using the letter mix "an" in such phrases as "fan," "pan," "man," and "plan."

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Feersum Endjinn

Count number Alandre Sessine VII has already died seven instances. He has just one lifestyles left - one final probability to trap his killer. His merely clues element to a conspiracy past his personal homicide. For a disaster is quick imminent the earth from which there's no get away - until eventually a loophole via apocalypse is came upon.

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A Flag filled with Stars it's been eighteen months because the Starship company accomplished her historical five-year venture and her mythical workforce has seperated, taking new assignments that span the galaxy. in the world, Admiral James T. Kirk has married and commenced a brand new existence because the leader of Starfleet operations the place he's overseeing the refit of his cherished send, now commanded via a brand new Captain -- Willard Decker.

The Spheres of Heaven

LOSE the celebrities- OR LOSE every thing! Spacer Chan Dalton is torn among masters. The pacifist extraterrestrial beings who carry Earth less than Quarantine wish him to determine why their starships were disappearing within the Geyser Swirl, the Bermuda Triangle of the galaxy. Earth's army, which has secretly found the way to holiday the quarantine, assumes that somebody available in the market is making ships vanish, together with Earth's, and desires Dalton to discover the culprits and confidently cease them -- with severe prejudice, if helpful.

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Climactic quantity of the Dune trilogy during which an alien society achieves ecological salvation.

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It shows a turtle and a pineapple. Bermuda The Red Ensign with the coat of arms dates from 1915. A red lion holds the wreck of the Sea Venture, on which the first settlers sailed in 1609. British Virgin Islands A British Dependent Territory, the Blue Ensign carries the islands' badge. It shows a virgin with 12 oil lamps from the Bible story. % 37 Virgin Islands of the United States The flag of this American Dependency has been flown since 1921. ' St. Christopher-Nevis These two islands became an Associated State of Great Britain in 1967.

Hungary The plain tricolor was first adopted in 1948. The colors date from the 9 th century. Yugoslavia 1918 several states formed Yugoslavia. The colors come from the flags of these states. In 1946 the coat of arms was replaced by the Communist star. In 60 Romania The colors come from the arms * of the provinces that united to form Romania in 1 8 6 1 The coat . of arms shows the country's natural resources — forests, oil, wheat, and mountains. Bulgaria A tricolor of white, green, and red dates from 1878— colors used in Slav countries at that The national emblem was added to the flag in 1947.

Of Faroes Adopted like that in 1948, the cross is on other Scandinavian flags, slightly off-center. The Faroes remain part of the Danish realm. Iceland Traditionally Iceland's colors are blue and white. The present colors are a combination of those of Denmark, Norway, and the coat of arms. Dating from 1915, it became the official flag on independence in 1944. 59 Soviet Union The plain red flag has the hammer (industry), the sickle and the star (Communist Party). The flag has been unchanged since 1923.

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