By Raymond E. Papka Ph.D. (auth.), Raymond E. Papka Ph.D. (eds.)

Since 1975, the Oklahoma Notes were one of the most generally used studies for scientific scholars getting ready for Step 1 of the USA scientific Licensing exam. OKN: Anatomy takes a unified method of the topic, overlaying Embryology, Neuroanatomy, Histology, and Gross Anatomy. Like different Oklahoma Notes, Anatomy includes self-assessment questions, geared to the present USMLE layout; tables and figures to advertise swift self-assessment and evaluation; a low cost; and assurance of simply the knowledge had to make certain forums success.

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The spinal cord possesses a centrally located neural canal surrounded by ependyma, an intermediate layer of mantle cells (gray matter), and a superficial marginal layer of nerve cell processes (white matter). 2. The gray matter (mantle) is arranged in the shape of the letter "H" to produce anterior and posterior gray columns. Dorsal and ventral extensions are produced by addition of mantle neuroblasts and by differentiation of nerve cell bodies. 3. Marginal layer is organized into dorsal, lateral, and ventral white columns.

Stomodeum is ectodermal lined depression that forms as result of proliferation of mesenchyme around the circumference of the oropharyngeal membrane. 2. Oropharyngeal membrane initially separates stomodeum and foregut (pharynx). Later will degenerate allowing communication between stomodeum and foregut. 3. Stomodeum will form the anterior 2/3 of the definitive oral cavity. The posterior 1/3 develops from foregut. 29 4. III. IV. Rathke's pouch. An ectodermal outgrowth from the roof of the stomodeum that forms the primordium of the adenohypophysis.

C. Branchial Grooves 2, 3, and 4 1. Regression of branchial grooves 2-4. All branchial grooves caudal to the first are obliterated. 2. Cervical sinus. During regression of the branchial grooves a deep ectodermal-lined depression, the cervical sinus, forms on the lateral side of the neck connecting with deep lying branchial grooves. Normally the cervical sinus is lost and the neck obtains its smooth adult contour. FATE OF THE BRANCHIOMERIC MESENCHYME A. Branchial Arch 1 1. Skeleton - Meckel's cartilage a) Forms the malleus and incus by endochondral ossification, fibrous anterior malleolar and sphenomandibular ligaments, and the fibrous core of mandible.

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